Domain Name Leasing


As a general guide, we tend to set leasing at 1.2 - 5% of the purchase price.  A monthly minimum will be set at $25.00/per month. 

Visitors to the  or site can call or email their wish to lease  a domain.  If the customer chooses Leasing VS Buying, they are walked through a checkout process which sets up repeat billing during the leasing term.  The (Lessee) receives a confirmation of their lease. The Lessee will be required to provide the location for the re-directing of the domain. This is the responsibility of the Lessee to provide. 

Once the lease is completed, the domain is managed in the Lessor's account & re-directed to the Lessee's desired location, while the Lessor retains registrar ownership. We will manage billing, with 100% of the leasing proceeds deposited into the Lessor’s account. If the Lessee fails to make a Lease payment, the Lease is terminated. Payments must be in US Dollars. 

Please note: Most but not all domains are for lease or sale. Please inquire as to the availability & pricing. Some domains can be found on for sale. 

Bulk Domain Leasing can also be done, please provide a list of domains desired for pricing. 

If you do not see a domain that suits your needs please send us an email, we can check with our extensive network of domain re-sellers. 

Call Nick in sales to find out more (715) 225-0193